MUD Nigeria Summer PROMO Makeup Class… Port Harcourt Edition

Mud-september-portb Port Harcourt Are READY!!!! The MUD Academy comes to Port Harcourt..

MUD Makeup School programs are designed to provide students with comprehensive theory and practical training in the various makeup fields.  Students are taught techniques that will set them apart from their peers upon gradating from the program.  Students are awarded with certificate for the completion of the course.

Starting September 4, MUD Nigeria will be holding a One Month Summer PROMO Class. This class is ideal for new entrants into the beauty industry and also experienced makeup artist who wish to enhance their skills.

As part of the PROMO program, all registered students will be provided with practice materials to be used in class.

Class details are as follows:

Course Contents

  • Foundation Principles
  • Bridal Makeup and Gele
  • Bridal Hairstyling for Makeup Artists
  • Contouring and Highlighting
  • Eyelash Application Techniques (Strip and Singles)
  • Shadow Blending
  • Face Sculpting and Defining
  • And much more

Two Weeks: 35,000

One Month: 50,000bluelipflyer

Venue: MUD Studio, Happy Bite Mall 1, Stadium Road, Airforce Junction Port Harcourt

Weekday ClassDate: September 4-29 | Days: Monday-Thursday | Time: 11am-2pm

Weekend Class: September 9-October 14 | Days: Saturdays Only | Time: 1pm-5pm

To register online CLICK HERE

For more details, contact ClICK HERE for Admissions Office

Thank you for choosing the MUD Makeup School…An educated Approach to Makeup